Video Tutorial - Recycled toilet paper tag card

Simple project, helping the earth.
Snoopy got sick, the poor little guy has a bad bad infection in his right ear, the vet said he must feel a lot of pain because is very irritated, and I feel bad took me so long to see.
He is on antibiotics for 15 days now.
Poor him !
Stamp: Spring time,
Ribbon and Paper TAC


Cheryl said...

You come up with the neatest projects. Wish I had your creative mind. Give Snoopy and pat on the head from my doggies and me so that he can feel better.

Mada_Ro said...

Thanks for a wonderful tutorial! You have such a creative mind, I envy you. :)
Sorry to hear about Snoopy's ear, tell him my doggie sends his best for a speedy recovery.