2 Simple cards and tech tip

Couple of simple cards, I'm having my love again with watercoloring, and so can you know
watercolor is so affordable and you can shade with watercolor, so if you can't buy the expensive top of the line blah blah stuff, go for it watercolor rocks !
Maybe I should do a better video about it, what do you think ?
I use crayons and pencils and tubes of watercolors depends what I want to achieve, I bought very cheap at Michaels.
I'm working on some new stamps I got from TAC so, tomorrow maybe I will post something with them, tomorrow I have my art group meeting so I don't know if will have time.

Do you know about Google Reader?
No ? Well its a big discovery to me, thanks to my friend and angel Malieta.
I do offer reader subscription and by email to my blog. The advantage of Reader to email is that
1 - my mailbox is not full anymore, sometimes i ended deleting posts because many emails were coming from Feedblitz
2- Sometimes Feedblitz waits to send many feeds together so you don't receive the posts when they are done.(sometimes 1 days later)
With reader you receive one the same time the person posted

The big advantage reader organize by folders all the blogs, and also the posts are there for me to read anytime i want and when i'm free, so if i make a post today and another tomorrow and you cant read you will see i have 2 posts and you decide how many you want to read, if you just read 1 reader will say to you there's one remaining
anytime i can click on the blog and go back to old post, kind of creates a copy of that blog.
And you dont actually have to open the blog page.
Of course you have to have a google account, but its free.
So take time, and google- google reader they have even a video there talking about it.
Hope I made myself clear :)
Because sometimes I feel my accent through my writing , lol

Stamps: Flourishes


malieta said...

You are so funny at times Jana!
Both of your cards are really cute and you did a great job with your watercolor pencils!

Cheryl said...

I love Google reader also!!! Yep, I think a video on the way you watercolor would be terrific and also a photo of the way you bought the tubes of watercolors at Michaels--did you get them individually or as a set? I love the tutorial you did with the masking tape background. Have a great day!!