Notes book with BIA

A simple notebook I've made to a guest I had at my house to have some lunch with me. You can't see in the picture but the cover is 2 layers, 1 is Design Paper and the top is a PVC plastic I bought in Brazil, that is kind of texturized. The butterfly is from Spellbinders , I made 2 so one one the wings go down. Ribbon hardware TAC and Ribbon Walmart.

Looking all this blogs around with Father' s day cards make me remember my father a lot. I want to do a piece of art for me and my sister, but all the pictures we tried to collect from him are with me in a box and it's really hard to open that box and see him, makes me want to hear his voice, how I miss my father voice, but maybe soon I will be strong enough to go and deal these pictures. My sister has one more with her , from their wedding , the only one my mother didn' t destroy. yes, she destroyed most of his pictures after they separated 2 years before he died. I'm still working on forgiveness of that , so just make me want to say, cherish each day, and the ones you love !
Good Week !


malieta said...

Awww...Jana, I detect a bit of sadness and I understand how difficult it is for you. I'm in the same"boat" also. It takes time to get over a loss of a loved one. Hang in there Jana and try to focus on the good times, and you will find yourself smiling with happiness!
I also want you to know that your notebook is beautiful!!! You really have a way with notebooks and mini-albums Jana!
Take care and God Bless You

Jennifer Love said...

What a lovely notebook! Gosh, I'm in awe!

Maria said...

Hi Jana! Your notebook is beautiful. I love the pretty paper and the butterfly! I have a BIA but still have not used it. Your notebook inspires me to use my machine!!


Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

HUGS Jana. So sorry about how down you have been feeling. It's a perfect opportunity for God to be your comforter and bless you with the encouragement of friends like us stamping blogging friends.

You are in my prayers.

More hugs,