Manila Folder Book video tutorial part 1 and Promotion

Sorry for the bad light I want to see if I buy a new cam, and sorry I dont like to speak on videos too much, sorry for some mistakes :)

The written tutorial for this project is here, from a fellow angel.

As a PROMOTION for February or if you want to do this project with me
for every $30.00 that you buy on my TAC webstore I will send you this collection FREE, take this opportunity to know The Angel Products . This is for USA only.

Next week I will have part 2 so you have plenty of time , TAC usually ships in 3/4 days. There is plenty of time for us to do this together.

Or you can just buy the collection here.

Also, stay tunned for blog candy post this weekend.
Keep Warm and dry because here is raining tons !


Cheryl said...

You did a great job and sure did make me curious about how you are going to go about this. I should get my $30 order ready for you as I would love to do this with you.
I love your videos.

malieta said...

Very nicely done Jana!
Thank you for everything are the best!