TAG You're it #2

I should have post this earlier but since my hand is on strike ...:)
Its getting better now that I'm using ice on it...

Ok the winner of this week was Jacqueline, thanks for playing !

People tags are very easy to do and fast so I demand participation :)

Ok this week is a round tag , for this one I used Pearl ex and stamped TAC snowmen nativity set , then I used mega and giga punches from Marcy Uchida
pretty simple.

The prize a Basic Grey, book plates mayvbe something else if I see the tags coming :)

Sorry for my blogs friends for not commenting latelly ...hand issues ;)


Cheryl said...

Pretty tag, Jana. Keep resting your hand and keep the ice on it. Don't worry about commenting. Just get better.

Nancy Grant said...

Oh feel better Jana.


Jacqueline's Craft Nest said...

Love the way you used a snowflake at the top to pull yr ribbon through - that is very creative!

My Paper World said...

Very pretty tag, I hope your hand gets better soon! xx

malieta said...

I hope your hand is not as sore today! It sounds like carpul tunnel, and you simply have to rest it. Do you have a brace for your hand? They do help Jana. I love the tag and I will try to make one tonight. I'm still in slow motion but trying.

malieta said...

I hope my comment went through, a blogger error appeared on the screen. If it didn't....it was a long comment. I basically said get I hope you are feeling better soon Jana.