Pay for it Foward

My friend Rita send a Pay forward to me, with this awesome goodies I received today
Pay it forward is like a RAK we have to send to 3 people and these people have to copy and paste the pay it forward and send a RAK to more 3 people , so if you want to receive some goodies, leave a comment with email I will send to the first 3 people that comment.


Scrapbook Mama said...

OHH I'm first :) I'd love to pay it foward too! Tomorrow is my B-day I was going to do a Blog Candy anyway so I can add this to it too! I was just coming to your blog because I LOVE your blog and alway love your projects :)


Kristin said...

I am not sure it I am to late but would love to do this as well! I am a foster parent trainer and offer training on how to do Lifebooks for children that are brought into foster care. If I get this I will share it with my upcoming class. thanks for the chance!


Kristin said...

By the way the Paint Layout is adorable, so cute with all the different styles on it!