I've been tagged, by Malieta, that one is hard because I dont like to talk about myself. I have to say 7 facts about myself.

1- I'm addicted to starbucks. What can I do I love their caramel machiatoooo
oh my

2- I like to buy clothes

3-Computer addicted

4- contrary of malieta :) I love to walk in my house barefoot.

5- I like to cook

6- I like to buy recipe book but just the ones with step by step pictures

I hate recipe books without pictures.

7- I love love love chocolate, I eat everyday

uff finnally , that was the longest 7 things to post :)))

Well I have to find some peopel tag now another difficult task :)


Flossie's Follies said...

Thanks for the tag and for sharing.

malieta said...

That was a very interesting bit Jana! I love chocolate also, I'm ashamed of myself cause I ate to BiG Hershey Bars the other day and now I have to lay off a bit because my jeans are a little tight.*lol*
Thank you for playing along:)

malieta said...

I have a fear of bridges, however I find myself focusing on that long bridge in Brazil. How long does it take to cross that bridge?

Nancy Grant said...

Wow... it's nice to get to know you better.