Hi Everybody !

This weekend was such a nice weather here in NJ, and I had a nice, smooth and happy weekend, nothing special but today I was thinking that we have to be happy with the simple things and sometimes stop wishing so much more that we don't need. I feel really blessed !
We had fun today taking snoopy to the park, by the way do you know snoopy ?! No???
How come ?!
I have passion for dogs, and he is the one that make us company now !
Isn't he cute ?
Also, this weekend I took a lot of time to finish old projects scrapbook for my friend, little book for another one and baby announcements , and birthday cards and gifts.....
Well the birthday thing is tomorrow, but finally the scrapbooking is going tomorrow (monday) so soon I will post here, as my friend receives it.
Ok I did this card days ago, its from a new company called kitchensinkstamps
I thought it was so beautiful for a thank you card, and great for embossing (I loooove embossing). Its acrylic stamps so I said before it takes a while for me to like acrylic but here and there, it's ok, as long they are good quality, because I tell you , that $1 from michaels get on my nerves
they bleed sometimes and sometimes don't pick up the color in equal , a mess.
Anyway, all papers were given to me
I did the scalloped edge with corner rounder (EK Suc)
just CS : SU
Stamps : kitchensinkstamps
embossing powder red :TAC


Rita said...

Snoopy is soooo cute Jana!!! I love what you did with this card, love the scallop edge & embossing.

My Paper World said...

Really pretty card, and Snoopy is a cutie too!

malieta said...

You crack me up Jana!!!lol
Snoopy is really cute and that sentiment is really cool!

Theresa said...

That thankyou stamp is amazing! And you made such a great card with it!!! Thanks for sharing it!

Maria said...

Awww Snoopy is a cutie. I love dogs too. . .we have two of them. Their name is Phoenix and Dakota.

Your card is fabulous! I love the pattern paper that you used and the sentiment is really pretty.


Nancy Grant said...

Hi Snoopy!

What a fun card.


Flossie's Follies said...

This card is great and love your coasters in the below post. I miss alot when I take weekends off.