Magnet Coasters

I did this to my friend Natalie, finally I finished the scrapbook album, but I will just post after she receives, I doing some extra goodies to her, and I did this 2 magnet coasters.
One for her and another to her mom , her name Raisa but in Russian to Raisa becames Raise so there is go.
The papers I dont know if fancy pants or doodlebug I receive 3 kits monthly so hard to keep track.
I used mod podge, it gives a nice finish, pretty simple coasters to emphasize, Maria. The red swirls were made with sizzix and stiff felt.


My Paper World said...

Great coasters, I love the red felt swirls! Thanks so much for adding me to your blog friends, I love visiting your site! xx

Rita said...

Ohhhh, Jana! These are so beautiful girl! She's going to love it.

Jen said...

very cute creations!!!

malieta said...

Your layouts are beautiful Jana. Your friend is going to love it!

Maria said...

Aww! The coasters are so cute and your design is so lovely. Great job Jana!


malieta said...

Hi Jana!

In response to your question, the box resembles the Chinese Take-out boxes. Instead of a thin metal handle, the handle is cardboard. I decorated the handle with ribbons.