Wow, I'm so excited to begin my blog venture, blog never caught my attention
but once I got started in scrapbooking, you can't run from it.
I wanted to start with 2 new adventures, my blog and to become a Angel !
It's so cool to be called angel.Do you know they give you 7 yes ! 7 stamps set free when you become a Demonstrator ! and many other good stuff.
We will talk more about this later.
I will have a blog just for my TAC stuff and contests (yes I plan to do this !).
But for now I'm still working on it, so if you click on the site you won't see much.
While here I will show not just TAC but my other loves, like tear bear or tear creatures wherever you want to call them.
I want to share tips that I find on the way to people starting like me, I think is overwhelming when you see so many great people doing awesome stuff, and you just starting and think all your stuff sucks. My search for answers can be shared here with the ones starting.
So, I hope I can make some friends on the way, please don't leave my blog link empty came on in !! :)


Rita said...

Oh wow Jana! Your card for Jen's challenge is beautiful! Great job. Jen is the greatest, isn't she? She is such a people person, willing to help us all. I luv your blog & I am also new to card making & hope to grow creatively. So we all have to stick together & encourage all of our blog friends...they are all great people. Welcome to our world. Good luck & I look forward to visiting your blog often. Come visit my blog & sign my guestbook.


sylv said...

Congrats on the new blog! I will definately add you to my fav's!