it's ok to have a designer critique your page + FREE class

I wanted to give a shout out about this free class from Get it Scrapped. I did many of their classes and highly recommend, if you want to get better at scrapbooking. Debbie is really a good teacher and I've learned a lot from her classes.

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I also wanted to highlight something really cool happening now at Masterful Scrapbooking I'm a member and I so believe in the classes I have to say I've learned more from them than many other classes I spent money with because is not about: Look this is what I do just repeat what I do.
 No, they are about teaching how to get to that point which I think there is a huge lack of this kind of education in our hobby. I spent so much money as a beginner for nothing.
It's not really just about scrapbooking but it's about understanding how to get your message out there.
They started something new called Office Hours. Where we can submit layouts and the designers will talk about it and also they ask what are the reactions of the people when they see the layout.
I'm learning so much ! It's amazing when sometimes we don't see things that would work better and also sometimes we think something is really bad and you have a pleasant surprise.
Anyway she posted a short version here on this video it doesn't show all the conversation but you have a idea.

You can see  a part of my layout critique starting on 10:44

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I'm using affiliate links and I appreciate you checking out from my blog I'm trying to raise money for  a device to help my son in his speech therapy.


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