More Word Art FREE

I have a couple more word arts for you today, I want to see if soon I record a video tutorial for my youtube page , of my photo folder, with this cold I didn't make anything. But I'm getting better and ready to start creating. 
I'm getting busier starting this week, it's a week of change, my husband received a very good proposal to go to another company so he is starting new job today in New York. That's going to change a lot things for me. Because he was the one that fed Lucas first in the morning so I could sleep a little bit more or go to the gym, because he worked like 10 min. from home. And he always helped me with bath time and taking Snoopy to party first in the morning. So now all on me. what that means? Less time. And Lucas now just naps once a day my good 2 naps a day is gone. So I will have to adjust and be more practical with my time.

Anyway, for now I hope you enjoy the word art

You can download here:

If you have any quotes that would like to share to make into a free word art please let me know .


flowerdisco said...

glad you are doing better and congrats to your hubby. great news working in ny.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your wordart! Just fabulous!

I love making cards and minis, but am new to this craft. Just love your blog!

I also run a digital freebie list that is automated with my search engine. I have added your blog to my freebie search engine and should pick up your freebies and list them from now on - list is at:

Percy said...

Thanks for the art Jana, it is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!!

Congratulations for your husband in his new endeavor....

Glad you are feeling better, stay warm, we are getting some more cold today and tomorrow....I can't wait for spring!