Thanks card + awards

I'm glad to see the comments on my last post letting me know I'm not the only one that got addicted to Twilight . LOL
This is a simple straight to the point card , the stamp is from Kitchen Sink Stamps.
I received some awards and sorry that I'm so late to post them I always forget and hit publish :(
This award is from Virginia Vilela the award says : This blog can let you addicted ! Thank you Virginia.
Heather (Everything Scrapp'n Owner) send to me this award, and I must tell 10 honest things about me.

Ok people here we go :

1- Addicted to coffee.
2- I like to cook but I hate to do dishes, so I have 2 sets of everything so I don't have to wash anything, I use a spoon and go to my dishwasher. I just wash my pans because they can't go to dish washer but they 're non stick ! ;)
3- Don't like to clean lol so I push most of the heavy cleaning work to my husband lol
4- But on the same time I don't like things out of order, so I'm always putting things in place and cleaning my counter top
5-I would like so bad to have one more beagle but I think that will have to wait a while :(
6- I don't like cats (sorry cat owners)
7- I hate Walmart I just go in extreme urgent need of a cricut accessory lol
8- I like to be in silent now, when not listening to baby music lol
9- Sometimes I spend days without scrapping even you maybe think I scrap all the time, I did creative break but when I do stuff is a lot together.
10- Became addicted to Twitter lol

Thanks for bearing with me ! And welcome to the new blog followers !


Kathy Floen said...

Jana- I loved your 10 things! :) It was so fun to read how normal you are! :) I also liked that you take a tiny break here nad there when creating...I find that I lose some creative flow and need to stay away for a couple days also! :) Loved the card! :)

Risa said...

Very cute card Jana!
Congratulations on both of your awards. I love to read tags etc. I have to take time away from my desk also. There is no way that I could make something everyday! Geez!!! *lol*
Have a great day and TFS!!

Elena said...

Congratulations on the awards, Jana!
Thank you for sharing 10 facts; I addicted to coffee too! ;)
Your card is very pretty! Beautiful Thank you stamp!