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This photo has a nice gallery style white frame around it, but because my blog background
is white so you can't see that.
Pregnancy Word
Art Ali Edwards
Each day I learn more about this program more I think PSE is worth every single penny.

Today here we woke up with snow, and later rain, very yucky !
I didn't go to work, because I was not feeling well for the last couple of days, my B. pressure was down and I was really exhausted. I think to be pregnant in winter time, in a place that has snow is not a good idea. But I could not choose. Went to pre Natal today, pressure was normal as all of it is normal. I hit the big 200 lbs, pretty scary, for the first time in my life I have fat hands, lol maybe you could notice in the video.
But I'm still happy to see all the miracle I'm producing, I'm actually annoyed that people just come to me to say:
Oh take you time now, you won't sleep
Oh you gonna get much more tired
oh this and that....

Makes me think: Don't you have something positive to say ?!

I think people are so used to pregnancy that they don't realize the big miracle it is.
And I have so much fun to see my baby moving and making mountains on my belly, and I can't wait to see him.

Hope you 're on a dry place :)
Thanks for coming !


Elizabeth Roessle said...

Sem duvidas é um grande milagre, ver e sentir o Lucas crescendo dentro de vc!!! Que Deus abençoe muito vcs...

Elena said...

Beautiful picture! I agree - pregnancy is a miracle!!!

Annette said...

Pregnancy, childbirth and having a family are a blessing from God. I think when people say things like you've been hearing is because there is nothing to compare becoming a new parent too. It's completely different than anything you know...I'm still in shock and I have three! They are all blessings, but man am I tired!

Momiji said...

lovely memories for you to will treasure these..

rebecca said...

Wonderful photo and rendering.

Risa Malieta W. said...

Your picture is beautiful Jana and the memories you are creating right now are definite treasures. Thanks for sharing a part of your life with us.
hugs Risa:)