Receipt Book with BIA

This book I made for Baby receipts of things I will buy, to complete his things, not just because if I need to change something I have a place for the receipts , but as a documentation of what we did for him. Of course , you can adapt this book for any kind of receipts.

I left a lot of space for notes , and things I may want to add along the way, on the journal labels I will decide what kind of receipts go inside, and some extra small pockets. The main pages are manila envelopes.
Very simple decoration, a very fast and easy project, you don't have to think a lot get a set of papers and try to work with them in a same style each page so it looks a continuous work.
The bag purses gift bags from target.
For the cover I used foam stamps with acrylic paint , the design tag is from cricut as well the white letters , the blue baby letter are stickers.
Snoopy had to take a pic on the project :)

I went to Michaels today to finally do some projects that I was long putting aside.
I bought a canvas in Brasil hand painted by a local artist, and finally took the 60% off and put it to be done. And a also I bought a frame to my beautiful poster I bought there.
And some goodies to begin some baby projects: )
Arent's these cute?
This wood animals just 59cents
Anyway, Enjoy your weekend.


Cheryl said...

Your blog has always been fun to read, but now with the excitement I can feel thru your writing, it is even more fun. Great projects you are working on Jana.

Bona said...

Cute idea Jana. Don't you just love the BIA. I'm so happy I got one. I just finished making a mini album for my mom's BDay today. I love my pink BIA. My favorite toy next to the Cricut Expression.

Momiji said...

what a lovely idea...and nice to remember all the planning you do for baby. I love the way Snoopy is in on the pic!

Mary said...

This is a super idea. Luv it. Thanks for sharing your creation.

Elena said...

Very cute idea with this book! Good way of keeping precious memories!

Rita said...

These animals are so cute & luv your idea on the receipts book, its brilliant!

BeccaRoo said...

I just got the frog at Walmart. I have not seen them in a while though I liked the other animals too.