Card with some sewing

Well, I' m so happy after I bought my new real sewing machine, I had before a janome mini but it was not working for me, maybe the kind of paper that I use is too thick I don't know.
And also, has different kinds of stitches, anyway works for me, I bought at walmart for like $60.00 not so bad.
The weather is annoying , raining and cold , when the summer will come here?!
Maybe, my thread is not that white but I did 2 stitches on this card. I forgot to change the setting of my camera to close up so the picture is not that great.
I want to thank all international bloggers that stop by and give a minute to send me emails, I really enjoy, thank you for your comments.
I'm really happy that I can help people to do projects, even though I have to say I never like to listen myself, so your support is great !
Hope you are drier than us in NJ !


Jen - a "Spice Angel" said...

cute Jana, nice work!!!

hope it dries up where you're at...


Rita said...

Gorgeous card Jana! Raining here too!

malieta said...

I clicked your image and you did a great job sewing and I love your card Jana!
I have a difficult time sewing on cards.
Speaking of weather, it's still chilly here in Michigan...very unusual weather!

Becky said...

Gorgeous as always-you're so talented!

Maria said...

Whoohoo! Have fun with your new sewing machine. Sounds like you found a great deal!

I love your card and your sewing on it!! The paper is very pretty!! Great job!


Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Absolutely neat card. The stitches are a great touch.


Hope the weather improves.