New Tear Bear Creation

This is a new introduction to my Tear Bear Collection, if you want to see my other ones on my side bar has my Tear Bear Collection, also I did a card using the bear for 2 challenges , so, you can see tear bears are great for cards also.
Maybe I should give her a name :)
So here is the card for Jen's and Kimmie challenges . Jens is sketch and Kimmie's is baby theme, to me sketch are the best sometimes I get myself thinking about new cards but to me creation is something to learn still.
This card is a regular A2 size card.I was thinking driving my way to Michaels today
to use my 40% coupon, about stamping. After some people, that I've meet around
told me stamping is too time consuming
Made me think:
What is not?
I once decided to learn piano, that is my friends time consuming, I gave up.
I've learn knitting, hummm too quiet :)
I've been learning 2 languages yes time consuming , but opened me doors and showed me wonderful people.
So, about scrap made me wonder, when I have special pictures, that I treasure or a card
I want to make to someone special, or to put happiness in their life is worth the time ?
YES ....
You don't have to put your 4000 pictures all embellished, but the ones you treasure
and you want to make them special. Yes !
I will spend 1 hour stamping ! Thank you !
So if you out there wondering, stamping is soooo rewarding, relaxing....and beautiful !
Viva Stamping !:)


Tracy.H said...

Wow! How on earth did you make those adorable bears!?

I totally agree with you on the stamping issue. I have had so many people that I am insane for spending an hour or more on one card. Hey if you enjoy it...that is all that matters! :0)

malieta said...

I think your Tear Bear is really cute Jana! I read your comment and you know what...they(the peeps) don't know what they are missing out on!

Rita said...

Wow girl!!! Love this pink bear, its my favorite so far! This card is fantastic...your so talented

Rita said...

I agree with you about the stamping. I find it so rewarding to make something that you create & share with others, to me there is pure love going into making a card for someone you love or like a lot!

Jen said...

you said it totally!!!

love the bear....she's so cute!!!

Flossie's Follies said...

Wow, these are great, love the bears. It takes as much time to make a card as it takes, sometimes 10 minutes sometime several hours but it is so relaxing and rewarding.