Prisma and Mineral Spirits

I just loved this effect, but I see you have to practice, but I was pretty happy with my resuts.
Here are some tests and I made a video.

What I've notice is that you have to keep the stump always wet.
Here are some tests. To me it was easier to do light effect with Gamsol.


kathy said...

I love that technique. You did a great job

Rita said...

You did a great job with the video & thanks for taking the time to show us how to use the prisma pencils. I hope to have mine after the holidays.

Cheryl said...

Great job with the video--you don't need practice--you are perfect already!!! Thanks for doing this. I didn't know to outline and now I bet my gamsol coloring will be much better.

Maria said...

Awesome coloring! I love this this technique. I use it all the time and you're right, the stumps have to be wet or nothing happens.

Great tutorial.


Jen said...

awesome video Jana! I will try and use mines again.... you gave me a better idea on how I'm supposed to use them. I think my blending stump is too thin. I will have to sand it down and make it a little thicker. wish me luck!!! thanks again great job - I love the lion...


Nancy Grant said...

Your samples are wonderful. Great job!

malieta said...

You did a great job with the video Jana! It does take practice and then the "magic" happens!
Great job and your Bellas are fantastic!