Exciting Day !

Today when I got home I got goodies , first I got this wonderful RAK from Lorrie Brewer
I do not know if she has a blog , but she has a gallery at SCS check it out !
She made a beautiful Joy Fold card and a envelope too !! How great is that?!!

Then, I got some magazines I bought from Brazil, Scrapbooking is something new there
so I wanted to check it out , how Brazilians do it ! Because you have to have a lot of creativity when the things there get so expensive because the dollar exchange, so can't wait to relax and read them ! Take a look !
and to finish the party TAC package , wow
What a day :)
More stamps to play!

1 comment:

Teresa said...

It will be really wonderful to relax and read those. What a beautiful card too!

Have a great day!