Hi everybody !
I have a quick post I received a TAC order so I have to put my things in order.
And today one week before I bought my birthday gift to myself kkkkk.
A BIA, hope I can do nice things with it.
Its so cute so small.
Ok this project I got inspiration from another site that I don't have with me right now
but I post later. Its a tic tac holder, i had to change a bit, but after going to Target
I saw actually that they now have a big tic tac and small one maybe thats why mine did not work I had the small one.
Stamps TAC, enjoy stamp ($1 Michael's stamp)
Cardstock SU
Have a great weekend !


malieta said...

This is a cute Tic Tac holder and I love the butterfly!
hey Jana...when was your birthday? I hope I didn't overlook it on Jen's calendar.

Tracy.H said...

Very cute!! :0)

Rhonda said...

Very cute! I love this idea:)